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 Hey Mister
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© Mike Carty, 2011


In the year 2036 the US-DA approved the drug FOY-22 for human use. This drug stopped the aging process. The initial dose was given away free to all. But what they didn't tell anyone it only had a life span of 22 yrs. After that a booster was required - unfortunately most people couldn't afford it - thus creating a black market for street alternatives which people went around begging for before their initial dose ran out.


Hey Mister tell me a story, about the way life used to be.
Hey Mister give me a 20, so I can find my destiny.
Begging people passing by, pain so bad I cannot cry.
One fix will last another year, without it youth will disappear.
Run Run Run Run finding a fix, Run Run Run Run no damn crucifix.

Hey Mister give me a 30, so I can climb my family tree.
Hey Mister give me a 40, so I can see my son to be.


The US-DA task force today announced a severe shortage of the drug FOY-22. They fully understand the severity of the situation and are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause the general public.

Hey Mister, give me a 50, so I can live to three hundred and three.
Hey Mister, give me a 60, so I don't lose my memories.


Beg for you life, don't hesitate before the aging starts to incubate.
whatever is scrounged is better than none, before you brain cells are down to one.

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